Monday, April 18, 2011

not the first time

This is not the first time it has snowed in April. It is Michigan after all. And as Bill will contest every year, there's always one more snow fall near his birthday.

If you don't believe me (or do and want to see a picture) check out this post from 2007. Ignore the pictures of Jars of Clay and scroll to the bottom of that post. Please don't read it. Yikes! I was in the infancy of my blogging.

Or you can read it at your own risk and see how far I've come!

There's the snow. I would have republished that picture in this post, but alas, it is on the Mac hard drive. We still haven't replaced it. I haven't forgotten, and we will replace it soon. My iPod is now so out of touch we may have to purchase a new one. Or a new iPad. I miss our Mac. I miss my iTunes. Maybe if we stopped leasing new cars (notice the CX7 in the photo?) we could afford that new Mac.

I kid.

Sort of.

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