Thursday, January 31, 2008

All dressed in black

On Monday we welcomed a new addition to the family. No, not another Corvette. This time it was a brand new stove! For the first time ever, all of our appliances match! This is very exciting for us.

A few weeks ago, I was cleaning the old oven and discovered perhaps my dishes weren't baking thoroughly because the seal around the bottom of the oven door was missing!!! Things started to make sense. Things like: why it would suddenly become 400 degrees whenever I was baking, why after an hour my brownies were still goo in the middle, and why the chicken was still pink in the middle.

After that discovery, I decided to do some on-line shopping/searching. We decided to stick with gas, because we didn't want to have to convert everything (we would have needed a new breaker and all that).

My specs were: I wanted a self-cleaning oven and a storage drawer. And it had to be in black. We found it all. Actually, we ended up buying this model (not the same model I had originally found). This has five burners, two regular sizes, a simmer, one large and one super large for boiling a big pot of water. I have successfully used all five of my burners! And we've broiled steaks (that was a first) and we've baked. Now all I have to do, to complete the breaking-in process, is bake a dessert.

Save your fork, dessert will be served shortly!

Monday, January 28, 2008


FYI: I have two outside votes for #2...

Here's some back story: For Christmas I took #4 and blew it up to poster size as a present for Bill. The "problem" is that picture is in sepia tones. We still plan on framing that one, but I realized I can't hang it over the fireplace. All of our other pictures are in black and white, and even though it looks great in the sepia, I cannot bring myself to hang it.

As far as #2 & #3; I took one of them, Bill took the other.

Obviously the viewers choice is going to #3. We have a winner!

Bill is the proud picture taker! He's only gloated a little, that may change once we print it and hang it over the fireplace!

Thank you all for your input. It was a tough decision! I appreciate your help. As soon as we get it framed and hung, I'll post a picture. It will take awhile because there is painting to be done in the living room!!! Check back this summer... I'm not promising anything! Thanks again! You saved us.

Friday, January 18, 2008

A contest

Bill and I had a contest. We took turns taking black and white photos on the cruise. The best one will win a spot over the fireplace. Three are from Venice, the one is from Rome.

Which one do you choose?

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

not what it appears

These pictures were taken New Year's Day in Detroit. Today in Grand Rapids, it is sunny and cold. Two ends of the spectrum.

We're supposed to get snow again on Friday, Then it will be a winter wonderland again.