Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The end of last week

We went back to Meijer Gardens on Thursday morning. We saw the butterflies again. Here is Skylar modeling the shirt that she had bought on Monday. We didn't go outside because it was cold!

After that we went to the scrap book store and bought our supplies so that we could both create our memories of the week! She did a great job on her scrap book! (she's wearing the shirt that she bought at the zoo)

Then we went to Krispy Kreme and got two fresh donuts because the HOT sign was on, and bought a couple to take home with us. Yummy! Later that night, we went to Bill's old high school, East Kentwood, and went swimming. What fun!

Both Felix and Juliette finally got used to Skylar on Thursday! This last Monday they wandered around the house looking for her. They miss her! On Monday night, Felix went and jumped up on the bed that Skylar slept in, like he was waiting for her to come to bed.

Friday night we went to a hockey game. (it's not a scarf around her neck -it's her Webkinz. A tiger snake, named Snicker. We bought it Wednesday night)

The Grand Rapids Griffins are the farm team for the Red Wings. It was their second to last game of the season. They won!

But not without several broken sticks!

On Saturday, we went to Jersey Junction and ate ice cream! Skylar tried the "play dough" flavor. It's blue moon with colored chunks of cookie dough. Her mouth was blue when she was finished! We didn't mind that it was chilly outside!

That was the rest of the week. We'll hopefully have her back for a week this summer.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring Break 2

Skylar is visiting Auntie Em and Uncle Bill during her spring break. We are having a great time. We have been very busy! Here are some of the things we've done.

We went to Meijer Gardens on Monday. It was the perfect day, weather-wise. It was warm, sunny and just a little breezy. We saw the butterflies inside, but spent more time outside. We visited the Children's Garden. Skylar pretended to kiss the mouse.

Skylar learned what a sun dial is and she decided she would become one!

Watch out for the horse! It's about to crush Skylar!!! This is not a small horse...

And of course, she rolled down the hill. Here she goes...

And here she is at the bottom.

Then we went back home and made a kite! It was windy enough that it flew really well! (this kite was so easy to make. We made it out of regular paper, a streamer, yarn, and a bamboo stick. That was the most difficult part, cutting the bamboo skewer!)

Then, after taco dinner with Heather O., we went to Naked Plates and painted pottery!

We went to the John Ball Zoo on Tuesday. We saw Spider Monkeys, a tiger, penguins, and farm animals. We stopped to pet the goats, cows and sheep. Skylar got tackled by one of the goats. They had a scavenger hunt going on, Skylar found all the clues and won a tattoo!

Here is the tiger, checking her out. I bet he thinks she looks tasty!

Here's the goat trying to tackle her.

On Wednesday, we went to the Grand Rapids Public Museum. Skylar learned how the original "computers" (her words) worked, the old printing press. She hoped on a bicycle for a ride.

And we rode the Carousel.

Thursday, we went back to Meijer Gardens, and we are planning on going swimming, as soon as I finish this blog. Look for more to come!!