Friday, August 22, 2014

better blog now

I'm enjoying my morning coffee before I enjoy my morning run. Or something like that.

Just last night someone asked me if I enjoy running. I guess I do. I enjoy it more when I'm finished. I enjoy it more when the scale and I agree. I enjoy it more when the humidity level isn't on "soaking". I don't loathe running. I don't have to make myself do it. I get more antsy when I look at my schedule and can't find time to run rather then being relieved that I can't find the time to run. I'm already planning on what I'll do this winter. My choice is an indoor track (bor-ring) or a treadmill (which I do loathe).

Huh, so I guess yes. I like to run. Outside. Rain, snow or shine. I do not like running inside on a treadmill.

Bill told me that the Farmer's Almanac was published yesterday. It is calling for a bitter cold winter with more then normal snow.

It's going to be another long winter. I better adjust my treadmill attitude or live with the consequences.

Or stop baking so many darn delicious cookies.

Ha! That is not going to happen. I may be facing death by treadmill. Has anyone ever died because they were running on a treadmill? I may be the first.

Have I finished my run yet?

Thursday, August 21, 2014

card-making part two

The other card I made was for Shannon's birthday which is today. I didn't want to post it on here until I knew she had received it. She has! Here it is!
 The orange strip was stamped with happy birthday. I don't know why I took the picture before I stamped it. My world is a mystery. Even to me.
That's my super cute owl stamp. I'm very excited to use it for other things than an owl.

I made a frog (but I didn't take pictures of that card). I can make a sheep. A ghost. A cow. Probably a pig. It has endless possibilities. Yay for the owl stamp!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I got my craft on

I have made a couple of cards. But I didn't want to post pictures of them until the recipients had received them for the very small chance that they read my blog and I didn't want to spoil it for them.

Card #1
For Lindsay and her mom for running and cheering me on at the 5k.
Card #2
For Jessica and her family for the loss of her grandmother.

I wasn't going to post pictures of the insides since I wrote personal messages, but decided it wouldn't do any harm to share them.

I have taken to using the internet and a certain card making catalog for simple style ideas. I do the best I can with what I have (which is more than enough, I just don't have the fancy thing that imprints patterns on paper but I can cut out almost any shape).

I have also taken over the dining room. Maybe when the guest room is finished I can move my scrapbook stuff to that desk. For now all of it is conveniently located at the dining room table.

I can see the tv from there.

I can listen to music.

I can stop by the kitchen for a bite to eat.

I am trying to keep it cleaned up when I'm not working on something.

I've given it a lot of thought and have decided that a sideboard/buffet would be a valuable piece of furniture. Until we go shopping to buy one of those (and I convince Bill that we should have one to hide my scrapbook stuff or finish the guest room pronto) I'll just make do with my piles set off to the side. (The table is a great work surface because there's so much surface space, I really don't want to move to a desk, I like the dining room.)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

cat scratch fever

Last week Atticus had a vet appointment. He went out that morning, like usual. But instead of coming back six or seven times which is typical, he didn't. He knew.

I had to call the vet and change his appointment. They had an opening this morning, so I changed his appointment.

This morning, we did not let him out. Again, he must have known. He zonked out on the couch. He was fast asleep until I put his harness on him.

He cried the entire way there.

Have you ever heard a cat cry?

There's no consoling a cat.

We finally made it, he got his two shots, and we were headed out the door when he decided he had had enough.

Unfortunately it was raining. I tried to put up my umbrella, while holding the cat, and my purse, and I was trying to get my car keys out of my pocket. I'm not sure which of these was the last straw, but something in Atticus snapped. The next thing I knew I was being scratched across my back.

I wrestled Atticus to the car and we made it home.

I have two scratches each about three inches long along my back, off to the side. Thankfully Bill was home to dress them.

Atticus doesn't have to go back to the vet for a year and a half. Next time he'll go in the carrier. I was trying to be nice by using the harness. I'm done being nice cat lady. Of course that could be the cat scratch fever talking.

Remind me of this in a year and a half please.

Monday, August 18, 2014

the results

My official time was 30:58. My pace was 9:57. Under ten minutes. That is so great. I couldn't be more proud.

The people who did it in fifteen or twenty minutes, good for them. Don't rain on my parade though. I ran it in thirty minutes and that is good enough for me.

I was going to go back and look to see if I ever wrote about why I started running in the first place. I didn't get the chance, so in a nutshell I'll recap.

In high school, I could run the mile in twenty minutes. Mind you that was something like twenty laps around the gym and was the most horrendous task I had ever done. I would have rather mopped the floor.

Twenty minutes, I knew I could walk the mile faster then that.

Before I turned thirty, I had been walking almost daily. One day, I felt like running. I started out just running to the corner. But quickly added blocks. I finally came to the conclusion that I should try running a mile since I couldn't really do it in high school. After I could run one mile, I sort of kept going.

Then I made it my goal to run 5k. For a year I have been running that distance. Now it's official and I ran my first race.

That is why I'm so proud.

Sorry for gloating, but it is my blog.