Monday, March 9, 2009


Spring was here for a short visit on Friday. It's back to gray and dreary and cold. But for a short afternoon spring was here.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

waiting for spring...

The sun is shining. There are signs of new life all around. Yet if I took a step outside right now, it may as well still be January. Our snow has melted, but the temperature continues to hover in the twenties. Winter is my favorite season by far, but as spring quickly approaches so does my eagerness to be outside gardening.

Inside, I have been busy with so many things. One of my latest projects online is our Quota blog. Check it out here. This is the non-profit organization that I belong to. I was asked to be an admin on the blog because of my work here, on my own. I find it very fulfilling and fun. I am encouraging other members of Quota to give blogging a try. Because the Quota blog is set up on Word Press, we have multiple authors. I had to cheat though. The original admin passed along the book, "Word Press for Dummies". I have learned a lot about "writing" your own blog, as opposed to the user-friendly format found here.

Don't give up on me just yet. While I'm not a daily blogger here, I will have some fun things to post soon. Skylar will be coming back to visit over her spring break. See what we did last year. We're hoping Uncle Bill will get to take time off that week too.

See you soon!