Sunday, September 8, 2013

A picture of...

my new camera!

Yes, I realize it's a bit odd to take a picture of a camera, but how else can I show you my latest present? As I'm learning about this camera, I learned more about the ol' point-and-shoot. (The one that took the photo of this camera, in fact.)

Okay, we only have the two cameras. The one taking the picture and the one whose picture is being taken. Then there's the iPad and Bill's iPhone. And I still have a 35mm. That uses film. I keep trying to use it, so I can develop it. What is on that roll of film? Probably blurry photos. It'll probably cost me an arm and a leg to develop. They won't even know what to do with the film.

Stay tuned for more pictures from the new camera. (You know, digital and all 21st century.) I've taken loads and will be taking more (I see a trip to Meijer Gardens in my near future).