Sunday, August 26, 2007

Woodward Dream Cruise 2007

Last weekend was the Woodward Classic Car cruise. Many people have no idea what that is. To a car fanatic, or lover of classic cars, one might understand that term. Having lived in Detroit, I will gladly explain it to all who may be confused. Back in the hay days of the 50's and 60's (ahem, we did this when I was in high school too, just not with these gorgeous cars) the "kids" used to drive up and down a strip. Showing off, and doing whatever else they would do in these cars. Now that these are classic cars, it's more of a reunion, of sorts, and every year any one (whether you own a classic car or not) can participate (whether you want to or not, if you live there) in classic car cruises. Detroit being the Motor City has several. There's the Down River Cruise (that's the one closest to where we lived), the Telegraph Cruise, but the biggest of them all is the Woodward Dream cruise.

Woodward, according to my sources, was the first paved highway in the country, M-1. The Dream Cruise is along a sixteen mile stretch, from Pontiac to Ferndale.

Since Bruce joined our family over Memorial Day weekend, it was with great anticipation that we join in our first Woodward Dream Cruise!

This was the line of traffic after we stopped at noon to get some lunch towards the south end of the cruise.

It's our first Woodward Dream Cruise!!!

Here's an orange classic Ambulance, completely restored (even inside)!

This is actually an oops. I was too excited and didn't actually wait until the right moment to snap the picture, but off to the far right side you see an orange car. It's the General Lee replica owned by our friends Kevin and Robin. Many people choose to park their cars instead of driving them (due to overheating, wear and tear, etc). Robin and Kevin parked in Pontiac and we caught them at the end of our cruise day! But as you can see, many people lined the ENTIRE length of Woodward, watching all the cars driving by.

There were also sponsered events. We did not stop to walk around. We'll do that next year! We saw a lot of Corvettes. It was a lot of fun. Basically it was a parade for classic cars. Kids were waving, people cheered as different cars drove by. We saw an entire fleet of Prowlers go by. I admit it, I'm looking forward to next year, weather permitting!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

30 things...

My friend Shannon just turned 30. She made a list of 30 things to do on her birthday. I love the idea and I'm using it too. The problem is coming up with 30 things! I still have four months, and I want your help; if you have any ideas of fun (and safe) things I could do on my birthday tell me! I'm kind of stuck. When I get thirty things, I would love to post them. I have a few things that I'm going to ask to do before our cruise. The only deadline is December 13th.

Let the ideas flow...

ps: keep in mind that it will be December and we live on the western side of Michigan, that means a chance for lots of snow!!!