Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Welcome Summer... someday

I know that as soon as it gets hot outside I'll be complaining. But in the meantime, doesn't Memorial Day weekend usually mean slightly warmer weather? Surely it does... But it's only 49 degrees here this morning. The high for today is only supposed to reach the low 60's. Brr! It's time for ice cream and drives in the 'Vette, which is nice when it is this cold since it tends to run HOT! I digress. Ice cream. My favorite summer time, or anytime, activity. I am not going to ask what flavors of ice cream you like (although, feel free to share. Mine is peppermint, or chocolate monster -pieces of fudge and peanut butter in chocolate ice cream). But rather, I'm curious to know; what kind of cone do you prefer? I'm a fan of sugar cones. When I'm in the mood, I like a waffle cone, but sometimes, some places make them too sweet.... My opinion on a cake cone is that it is best served with pudding (a camp treat). So, let me hear it. Which is your favorite??