Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We are never alone

I think I can begin to understand why people have taken Sabbaticals, vows of silence, or live like hermits. As an extrovert, I first conquered working from home. I have a full life outside of work, volunteering through Quota and the church. I get re-energized from those gatherings.

Then I had to overcome Bill's new job which has him working in Detroit. It has been almost two years now. And when he comes home, I find it a little difficult to adjust my life to having another person in it.

Who knew as an extrovert I would enjoy being alone the majority of the time.

When those who have gone away to reconnect with themselves, return to "life" I wonder how they readjusted to the commotion.

I have had plenty of time to explore this world of loneliness. Quite frankly I am getting bored. I know when Bill does return home that it will not be easy. I will have a lot of adjusting to do. I am ready for that. In the meantime, I wanted to share with you the journey I took yesterday.

First I visited the Celebration of the Arts. This is an Art Show that our church hosts every year before Lent begins. The last day for the show is today, Ash Wednesday. Here are a few pieces that were on display.

The banner

"From the Lowly..." maple burl, Fred Bivins

"Bamboo" steel, Russ Baker

"In the Beginning ~ God Created" scrap metal, Lane C. Cooper (1st prize)

"Celestial Harp" forged & welded iron, David Holtslander
(photo taken from the hallway, through the window in the door, I'm not sure of the piece in the background. I just liked the way that piece had the iron gate in the foreground...)

"What Have I to Offer?" high relief, Terry Arseneau

There were a lot of watercolors, oil/canvas, and photography entered in the show as usual. Over 125 artists had pieces displayed, many had two! Our church always gets to chose a piece to add to our permanent collection. We have about four choices. The congregation votes for their favorite and whichever piece receives the most votes is purchased! Voting took place on the 7th and 14th. They have not yet announced which piece won.

I do love this city and its celebration of the arts through so many ways!

From the church I headed to Meijer Gardens. I wanted to get some photos of my favorite spots covered in snow. I've been there once before when there has been snow on the ground, but did not venture outside. We stayed inside to see the Christmas trees (I thought I had a post about it, but I can't find it if I do). This time I ventured outside to take some photos. When I came back inside I headed straight into the Tropical green house to warm up. For future reference, don't try to take pictures. Your camera will fog up from the extreme temperature change!

The greenhouse from outside

A little bit of color, spring is coming!

The waterfall
(it was actually very cool, you could still hear the water rushing underneath the ice)

My most photographed sculpture. The dull sky behind the shiny steel. It's winter and everything is asleep...

except for the butterflies! They are emerging!

Through my last couple of days of loneliness I have remembered that I am not alone spiritually. And through technology I am connected with many friends. But here in my house, I am alone with the cat. Juliette is a quiet companion.

Spring is coming.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

pictures of the finished living room project

Here they are at last.

The fireplace. Okay, we aren't completely finished. We still have to pick an accent color for that white part. And as a reminder: the brick was already painted. I tried scraping the paint off. And it's not happening. So we painted over it.

Looking at the southwest wall.

Looking toward the front door.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Coming Soon!


To a blog near you (ie this one):

Photos of a finished living room in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I have a very little bit left to finish tonight, then it will be done. Bill and I persevered and got 'er done. The painting that is. Yes, there are still the floors that have to be refinished. But that is for another time. Right now, in this moment of remodel history, we have the painting portion complete!

Stay tuned for pictures...