Monday, January 25, 2010


Where in the world is Emily?

What happened to her blog?

Why isn't there a new post?

Are you wondering any of those things? If not, I do not know why you are here reading my blog. ;) If you have been wondering those things, well I can explain. You may have noticed the Quota of Grand Rapids feed in the right hand column. That has been my focus. We just had our huge Membership Awareness Event last Thursday. As the Chair of the Committee, I was in charge of it. After last year's disappointing event I knew this year had to be better. And was it! We had 42 people in attendance. That beats last year's 16 by, well you do the math. Our theme was "Be A Star and Lighten the Burden". Hopefully we'll get photos on the blog soon. Overall I am thrilled with the turnout and the event.

I am not overwhelmed by Quota, but I am keeping busy. I am the President-Elect. As of April 22nd I will be Q.I. of Grand Rapids next club President, as long as I run unopposed. I don't think anyone has ever had opposition, so the election is pretty much set. So if you are interested in what I'm doing, you may want to check that blog first! I am one of the blog administrator's over there too. I wear a lot of hats.

As for what has been going on here, well not much. Bill and I went to the Detroit Auto show with Dave on the 17th. I have photos, but they're being held captive on my camera. I am busy with work. We have not done anymore work on our living room. Something which I plan to start again this week. Because now I'm ready to be finished with that project.

We have plans this spring, but nothing in the near future. I sound boring. So there's your update!

Maybe I'll be back again soon.