Saturday, April 30, 2011

the cast iron skillet

I did it! I used the cast iron skillet to make cornbread last night. I also made homemade bbq sauce and we had bbq chicken legs and thighs. Yum!

To date I have used the cast iron skillet to make pizza, cornbread, fried steak and Bill has used it for breakfast potatoes and fried chicken.

What else can I use it for???

Seriously, if you have ideas I would like to hear them!


  1. Pork chops are awesome in there!

  2. yum! pork chops are awesome in anything! Please hold for my next post (or if you're reading this later, you probably already read my Sunday post).

  3. sausages for jersey style "sausage and peppers" said with the appropriate pomp of a north jersey italian accent.

  4. lol, awesome Taryn! We'll def. try those. I did make an Italian drip beef sandwich, that was yummy (but not in the cast iron skillet).