Sunday, April 10, 2011

Going to the Chapel...

I mentioned something in my post yesterday about today being chaos. So far, it has not (unless you read Bill's blog and feel his "chaos" - which means he has had to deal with my mom and me and we haven't been kind. It's just our genes) in fact, it's been leisurely. We went to church, we made the potato salad, ate lunch, I curled my hair, Bill wrote his blog, I'm writing mine, and my mom is currently working a Sudoku puzzle. None of us have been rushed or have exerted more energy than getting up to go to the bathroom. If only every wedding could be like this.

We are waiting for a couple of things to happen: for Dad to get home from his meetings at the church, for my Grandma to arrive, and to leave to go start setting everything up. It may get chaotic then (the new blended family has four children: three tweens and a five year old all of whom have more energy than a Broadway musical).

Stay tuned for another post... if I'm not wiped out. There will be pictures too!

Editor's note: I never did post pictures so here they are!

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