Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Walking in the rain

It's all Disney's fault. I took a walk this morning because I'll be too busy later today to get one in. Well, it's raining so I only took a short walk. While I was walking I began to notice I was carefully avoiding the earth worms making their way across the sidewalk. Do you know how difficult that is?

Let me give you an example; yesterday I was visiting the Cool Cats and we had to get some things out of my car. As we walked back from my car to their classroom, CJ counted the earth worms. We saw 18 in that short trip.

You can imagine how many I saw in one mile.

I blame Disney. They have these cute movies with animals that have feelings. Since I saw Bambi at a very young age, I have imagined the life of every living creature I come across. Well, I guess I should blame Charlotte's Web too. I'm not sure if it is because of these books/movies that I am a "nature lover" in a less extreme hippie way, or if I am naturally a nature lover.

Either way I'm here to tell you it is not easy to take a walk, without stepping on a worm, in the rain. I think I succeeded. I'm not sure, it was very difficult to tell the worms apart from the pine needles that line the last third of the route.

All I know is that now they're talking about me.


  1. the other day jack was reprimanding his friends at school because they were purposely stepping on all the earthworms on the playground. he told them that it wasn't nice and that those "poor little creatures" didn't deserve to die that way.

  2. If I could "like" your comment, I would (I just did). Go Jack!!