Wednesday, April 13, 2011

married syndromes

Bills says I have "Flat Surface Syndrome" which means if there's a flat surface I put something on it. If you read my post yesterday, you know this is true because my desk is buried under piles. I have tried to do better at not doing that. For instance; our dining room table can be used at any given time without having a five minute cleaning off period. The butcher block and microwave fall victim to F.S.S. more often when I'm cooking or looking for recipes. We are limited on space, so sometime I can't help it. I do try to not leave things on a surface for more than a couple of days.

If I have F.S.S. then Bill has "Next To Where It Belongs Syndrome" or N.T.W.I.B.S. He has the uncanny ability to place things next to where they should go. Back when we had a dishwasher, he would place his dirty dishes on the counter. Next to the sink, or next to the dishwasher as it were, but often times not actually in the dishwasher. His magazines are next to the cute (very expensive) basket I bought for the explicit use of holding magazines. His shoes are next to the bed, where I constantly stub my toes when folding the laundry and his clean clothes are often found on top of his dresser, not actually in it.

Yup, Bill I called you out. Because you make fun of my F.S.S., and I want to make fun of your N.T.W.I.B.S.

This could be one for the Blah, Blah, Blog. Maybe we should go for it (you do come up with better acronyms).


  1. OMG -- we have the same syndromes. Until now, they were undiagnosed! Patrick does the same thing with everything he owns -- why can't the clean clothes get put into the dresser? Too lazy. Then, the dirty clothes get thrown on top of his dresser (why use the hamper that I paid a LOT of money for?) and then ALL the clothes are dirty. It drives me INSANE. But then, every day, there are stacks of things that need to be put away that I don't touch, with my rationalization being that they are in piles and I know where they are. Great post!

  2. who knew it was that common? Maybe it's genetics...

  3. I have made such a concerted effort to put my stuff away lately, too. It seems like you only call me out on my foibles when I am actually trying not to let them be an issue... Maybe that's another syndrome.
    We actually have the same issue, just to different degrees and with different things at different times. Oh well, it's not like we live in a shambles.

  4. it's the: "I know you're trying but not to my high standards" syndrome?? IKYTBNTMHS for short...

    Of course you've been trying which is why I had to write about it. At least we're not the only ones... ;)