Friday, April 22, 2011

is it really "Good Friday"

Okay, so let's talk about this. Nothing "good" happened to Jesus on this day (which we choose to celebrate -and I use that term loosely- on a Friday). Yes, the end result was good. But whoever chose to name this particular day with the adjective "good" must have been crazy.

And so, as our day has not started off on the right foot, I propose this be known as Black Friday. Yes, that name has already been taken for a shopping day, which was really a term used only in the industry that the media picked up on. And we all know what happens when the media gets a hold of something. It becomes normal and a part of every day life.

Back to Black Friday. Spring has decided that the Groundhog was just completely off and that between whether or not he saw his shadow (maybe it's that dead groundhog's fault) and global warming, that the bleak and dreary weather typical of February is just as acceptable in April. "Bah Humbug!" I say! I want some sun, and average temperatures.

Instead, it's hovering around 40, is completely overcast and raining off and on. Yes, yes; April showers bring May flowers. I know my plants need water. But I need sun.

Last night, while using the tiny bit of sun we had, Bill decided to wash his car. That is not a big deal, until it became a big deal. You can read about that here. I'm not retelling it (he does a very good job in his blog).

So our basement is still wet, I'm attempting to wash and dry other clothes, but the dryer doesn't seem to want to cooperate (why should it? It's black Friday), Bill is still trying to clean out the mold around the tub, and I'm working.

The best news is I ran into our neighbors at the Post Office and we're going to play euchre with them tonight. Here. And I invited them over for dinner. We still have to clean the house.

I'm looking forward to Sunday.

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