Friday, April 15, 2011

"by sduffy head"

I am not sick. I don't feel sick. I don't have a fever. But I do have a sinus infection. And, as the nurse said yesterday, I sound like a three-pack a day smoker!

I already had an innocent round of sinusitis back in February. Everything was clear and the Advil Cold and Sinus meds took care of me. No need to waste a trip to the doctor. I was feeling better by our trip to Nashville. Again, I didn't feel sick, just the runny, stuffy nose. It all started the same way on Sunday. Sinuses draining giving me a sore throat. I tried the Advil again, but it really did nothing to help. Yesterday morning I woke up to the husky voice and let's just say colorful mucus. (I don't mince words because how else do we learn? I didn't know until adulthood that green or yellow mucus is how you know you are really sick!) I knew this wasn't going away on its own. I made an appointment.

In the fastest doctor's visit ever (in and out in 35 minutes and that includes the time it took to enter all my information into their new computer system and waiting to be called) he confirmed Bill's diagnosis (kudos dear hubby, you should have been a doctor) and gave me a prescription for the now infamous "Z-pak"

I must remember that when a medicine says it "can be taken with or without food" my stomach is too sensitive to take it without food. Hence the stomach pains I had after wolfing down the two pills. Hey, I was eager to get them in my system and get them working! I survived and am sounding much better. I've used less tissues and my eyes have stopped watering. Yay for fast working drugs!!

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