Sunday, April 3, 2011

a spring cleaning tip

The whole reason I wrote that post yesterday was to include a helpful tip that I discovered. Did you read it? No, because I forgot I wanted to include it by the time I sat down and blogged.

Have you ever forgotten which way to flip and rotate your mattress? Or have you ever argued with your spouse as to whether it's time to flip and rotate or just rotate the mattress (that may or may not have been the reason for my "creation" of this tip)?

Here's what you do: take a piece of paper (rectangular helps) and write on the bottom "January-March". Then flip the paper over and rotate it 180 degrees and write at the bottom of that side "April-June". Flip the paper over and at the bottom of that side write "July-September" and finally flip it back over (and you should have to rotate it, but maybe not) and write "October-December". Now you can do the same thing to your mattress with a Sharpie marker. The paper exercise will be your key/guide as you flip and rotate your mattress to write these months at the foot of it because the paper is easier to flip and rotate than the mattress. If you write each one facing the foot of the bed, then it will also be easier to remember which way it's supposed to be read (as witnessed by our discussion yesterday when Bill asked if April-June was supposed to be at the head or foot of the bed; since the words at the head of the bed were upside down it has to be at the foot). I hope that makes sense and I hope it helps you remember to flip and rotate your mattress!!

I am a dork.

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  1. Yeah, but our mattress is 10 years old and still going, so... Dork on!