Thursday, April 21, 2011

we ate too late

Yesterday we went to my HPC meeting at 5pm, then we went to the Dog Story Theater to watch the Cool Cats play. From there we walked to J. Gardella's for dinner. It was only 7:30pm, that's not that late. But it is when you are used to eating dinner and being done no later than 7:30pm.

Maybe it wasn't dinner. It was probably the birthday cake we had at 9pm.

I found a recipe for this Butterbeer cake (it's a Harry Potter reference), so I asked Bill if it was okay if I made it for him for his birthday. He thought it sounded good, so that's what I made. If you click the link, Sugarcrafter decorated hers so much better. For all the baking I love to do, I was not blessed with cake decorating skills. I am lucky if I can get the icing on the cake and have enough left to do the sides.

I tried to keep it simple, just drizzling butterscotch topping on top in a swirly pattern. But even that turned into a mess. Well, I managed to save it and turn it into a flower. Sorry Bill! I should have tried a lightning bolt.

It really doesn't matter what it looks like (or doesn't look like) because it's a darn good cake! I used cake flour instead of all-purpose, and I used whole milk. The cake itself is pretty dense and not too sweet. All the sweetness is in the frosting. Yum!

I don't recommend eating this late at night though... it may keep you from sleeping.

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