Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Birthday to my "dear" husband

Today is Bill's birthday. He has taken to writing about people, on their birthdays, on his blog. I thought I would do the same for him, on my blog.

Whoa, does that make sense? I need more coffee...

Anyway, to my "dear" husband. When I typed that on his facebook wall, I accidentally typed "dead". Of course I didn't mean it. My fingers are faster than my brain sometimes. If you could see half the things I type (for instance, when talking about a Signing Santa for Quota, I continue to type Singing Satan, big difference) you would get a good laugh.

Oh wait, this is about Bill.

He's my best friend. He's a "wonderful" husband. That is from Wheel of Fortune. Watch that show for one week and everyone talks about their "wonderful" spouse. Apparently no one has a thesaurus and can come up with a different adjective.

Bill is funny, fantastic, and fabulous. He's superb, silly and smart. He's an uncle, unique and ubiquitous (okay, that's sort of a stretch, that's what I get for going for the letter "U"). He's a helper, handy and handsome. As well as a ham and he likes hamburgers and he's my husband. He's a dear, not dead, delightful and desirable.

Now I see why everyone sticks with wonderful.

Happy Birthday Bill. I can't believe I've been with you for twelve birthdays. Each year gets better. We're like fine wine. Here's to barrel aged wine (or scotch) and here's to you. I wouldn't want to spend my years with anyone but you (okay, this also sounds like it belongs with our anniversary, not your birthday. It's a fine line for love).

I love you and I don't need your birthday to tell you that. I hope you have a happy day and a grandiose year!

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