Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring cleaning, yuck!

Warning: You may sneeze while reading this post.

Wait. That's not right. You won't sneeze. I will.

Because we cleaned today. A lot. We need to buy a new filter for the vacuum (does anybody actually replace those filters? You're "supposed to" every month, so Bill says. But does anyone ever replace them???) and I went through an entire roll of paper towels. I won't even tell you what we found under our bed. It was gross.

I made a short list and of things I wanted to get cleaned (so I could cross them off as we went) and the only thing we didn't get to was cleaning inside the refrigerator. I think it will still be there when I clean it. I even polished the silver. Or tried to. I didn't have enough elbow grease left by the time I got to that job. Bill did help me, according to his calculations he did 38% of the cleaning. That's okay, he still helped and it was enough.

At about four o'clock the sun came out (good thing we didn't listen to the weatherman who all said it would be cloudy and rainy all day) and Bill sort of nodded toward the window. "Do I want to take a walk?", I asked. "No, a ride in the Corvette." oooh, okay sure. So off we drove. There is still a problem in the dash, you can read about that on Bill's blog here, but it was nice to be out in the sun. We ended up at Jason and Chandra's house which was a nice surprise. We had a lovely visit, albeit short.

And how about those Butler Bulldogs? (No, I'm not jumping on the bandwagon, I'm just not an avid basketball watcher. It's the Final Four though, history in the making, I wasn't going to miss that!)


  1. YOU DON'T REPLACE YOUR VACCUUM FILTERS? NO WONDER YOU'RE SNEEZING! Can you tell I'm OUTRAGED by the all caps use? Bad Emily! Especially with pets -- you must change the filters regularly and the bags. You'll see a marked improvement in your life quality:)

  2. Okay, okay. But really? Once a month? Those filters aren't cheap. We replace the filters in our HVAC unit often. That's the air we're breathing. We clean the filters in the vacuum. And we did just replace the vacuum filter. I was just wondering how often other people replace theirs... (it's bagless, so we don't have to worry about that. we empty the canister every time we vacuum, which is when the filter gets cleaned.) :)