Thursday, March 10, 2011

Home Again

This post will not be long. I am tired. I can't type, my fingers aren't working well with my brain. We left Nashville around 7:45am-ish. Just as Sami was turning onto I-65, I saw the sign for Opryland. Sami and I talked about stopping there on the way home, since we didn't get to see it before we checked in on Sunday. I quick typed it into the GPS and we took a short drive back (since it was of course the opposite direction we were headed when I saw the sign). We didn't tell the group where we were going, and it was amusing. It's called the Gaylord Opryland Hotel (Resort/Convention Center/etc) so when I said something about Gaylord, Jen asked if I was going to Gaylord, as in Michigan. I said yes, Sami said no. Then Jen asked something else, and I said no and Sami said yes. It was of course hilarious to us, because we were, well who we are. After much hysterical laughing in the front two seats we managed to get to Opryland and only when we were at the stoplight turning into the Hotel did Amelia finally figure out where we were going. We drove around to the "back" main entrance (if you've been there, you understand, if you haven't I can't explain it any clearer right now) and everyone hopped out and they ran inside to take pictures. I stayed in the van in case the Valet wanted/needed us to move and because I've been inside before (most recently in 2008, click here to read about that). I called Bill to let him know we were on the way, via a side trip, and to find out what the weather was actually doing (what, you think I depend on the tv/internet???). While I was talking to him, I wondered if I should have gone inside, because the chances of them getting lost were pretty high. Eventually they found their way out only to exclaim that they took a couple hundred photos. We drove around to the Grand Ole Opry which is still fenced off for construction. We did park Big Red in front of the signs on the fence (there are pictures) so she wasn't left out. Then we finally got back on the road.

We made a pee/coffee refill stop in Kentucky. Then we stopped again for a gas/Ale 8 stop right before crossing over into Indiana (there's a picture of the Indiana state line... oh wait, it's a photo of "A" which was pretty funny since Jen is Canadian and she told us a Canadian joke about the "eh"... maybe she'll share it under the comments if you're so lucky).

We stopped for lunch somewhere in southern Indiana... near Seymour I think. Then when we got onto I-465 in Indianapolis, Sami called McDonald's for the Shamrock shake search. At least she didn't have to repeat herself. The first one she called had them. Too bad it was in Kokomo. We weren't going that way. So we waited until we got further north and she called another one. They had them!!! We stopped and Jen, Amelia, Sami, John and myself all had one. It was green-ilicious or mint-ilicious.

We didn't stop again until Battle Creek for gas and a pee (I'm sorry I keep saying it like that, it's from Spamalot; right before intermission the narrator -or Arthur, is singing about take a break, take a pee, be back for Act three...).

There were lots of seat changes and amusing/entertaining things. Of course I can't think of a single one. We retold all the funny stories we just spent the last four days experiencing. Sami took a photo of the Focus Fox and sent it to Shruti, we found out that Sami can only go for so long before losing it, the GPS couldn't tell us how long it would take us to get to L.A. or Hawaii and Nashville doesn't have a good theme song (at least not one we could think of or knew).

I hope you enjoyed hearing about our mission trip. I can't wait for the photos. I don't know how I'll post them. If I'll be selective and put them in a separate post (most likely), add the link to see them all on facebook (not as likely) or if I'll go back and insert them into these posts (least likely). Can you tell we took a survey?

I cannot wait to crawl into bed. Good night.

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