Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday wishes

Bill and I went to see a musical last night performed by one of the high schools that three of our youth group members attend. It was called "Once on this Island" and they all did a fantastic job! Jenna is a freshman and she was a cast member. I told Bill, "I can see us visiting this auditorium many more times in the next three years." Her brother, Sean, is a junior and is just as talented. Bryant was in the "pit" which was actually located backstage. Bill and I take umbrage with calling it the "pit orchestra" if they're not located in the actual pit. At any rate, they all did a wonderful job and I love going to see them perform!

It wasn't too late when we got home last night, but rather than turn on the tv, we just read in bed. That laziness extended into today for me. While Bill is out hitting the pavement, I'm lounging in my comfy clothes. A Friday work day in pajamas is like the cat's pajamas. Or it's at least a good day. It's sunny (but still cold), it's Friday, and I'm working in my comfy clothes. If this were our Blah, Blah, Blog, Bill could write a song for me.

Instead I have a short list of happy wishes to send out today:
First, to Grandma. Happy 90th Birthday! We're taking her to dinner tomorrow night. She's a wonderful blessing to our family! (can you see the resemblance?)

Then to Alisha, Brad, Maddy and Lizzie: Congrats to your new baby Genna!! She was born last night at 9:47 (ish) Central time. I can't wait to meet the newest member. She looks precious and seems very happy (at least in the photos on fb).

And Happy Friday to everyone else!

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