Saturday, March 12, 2011

routine maintenance

I like routine. My body functions at 100% on a routine. Some people may call me high maintenance, I just think I know my body. I have learned from my different mission trips and road trips how to accommodate those needs. I don't think I'm high maintenance when it comes to my spiritual thirst or my mental capabilities. It's just my physical body that requires a lot of work, like a classic car. I won't try to compare the two in any more detail, I'll just leave it at that.

Now that I'm back home, I'm trying to get back into the routine. Going to bed and getting up at my normal time, eating my usual foods (I've never been so happy to see carrots and hummus) and going back to walking.

Bill and I were able to walk outside yesterday. It was a bright and sunny day, the temperature was just above 40 degrees, it was spring. There were other signs too! The crocus are blooming, although the flowers are smaller than usual and the tulips, daffodils and peonies are showing signs of growth. We saw many signs of spring in Nashville. The trees were all blooming and so were the daffodils. The tulips were out of the ground about six inches. While winter is my favorite season, spring comes in second (if you're curious it's fall then summer).

I can't wait until we can rebuild the garage. If for only one reason; to be able to see the beautiful plants bloom. Currently many things reside in the garden behind the garage. While it makes for a fun "secret garden", I don't really go hang out back there because there's no place to hang out. Maybe this year we should set up the swing back there so we can enjoy it. That just makes mowing the lawn difficult. The swing has its place right next to the deck (which happens to be "dead zone" for plant life anyway), it fits there better. But I miss the bleeding heart, and the false indigo. Only when I make it a point to go traipsing through the muddy yard do I get to see these things. I do try to check them out after walking, so I'm very happy that our walks outside have resumed. I welcome the spring and her beauty.

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