Tuesday, March 15, 2011

where are you from? the b-side

I thought a lot about that title. You see there's another story with the question, "where are you from?" and I knew I had to write about it, but what to call it? I decided calling it the "b-side" like old school records would be the most appropriate. Let me share the story:

On our way to Nashville, we stopped in Noblesville to surprise my sister. It just so happened that I needed an umbrella (Occasionally Yours sells them) and we were due for a pit stop. I was sneaky and sent my sister a text asking if she was working. She replied that she was, this was perfect for us. I did not reply with another text, I'm sneaky like that.

We parked Big Red and as we walked toward her store, I pointed out the restrooms to the group closest to me, assuming the rest would follow. I walked into her store, past the greeter with my finger held over my lips so she didn't say anything other than "Welcome to O.Y.", went over to Cyndi and asked for an umbrella. She was taken aback when she looked up and saw me standing there. I gave her a big smile and she showed me where the umbrellas were.

At one point Sami asked me or said something about the bathrooms, so I pointed in their direction. She revealed that she told the other group, who didn't hear me on our way in, that the restrooms were past where we stopped. Oops!

That group eventually found us, and I asked one of the guys when they came in, where they came from? Meaning, had they found the restrooms? They had. Cyndi heard me ask where they were from and she thought there were people on the trip I didn't know, or there were people we picked up along the way.

That makes for a great story! Sami is known for her generosity and willingness to help people. It would never surprise me if we did stop for someone.

Now do you get it? It gives a whole new meaning to "where are you from?" It's the lighter side, or the b-side if you will.


  1. i've never been a big fan of that question, "where are you from," because when someone asks it of me, i usually have to do the bulk of the work in interpreting exactly what it is that they are wanting to know. where i was born? where i lived most recently? where i went to college? what planet i live on? or, as you astutely pointed out, where have i just been? there is just so much work that has to be done in a matter on nanoseconds in order to answer this question without looking like an idiot with amnesia.

  2. It's a question with a thousand answers. who knew it was such a difficult question?? It makes me think twice about asking it. But as I pointed out, instead of asking I sort of shut down and don't ask any questions. I guess I'd rather make someone uncomfortable to get them talking then to not say anything at all...

    I also don't think anyone would look like an idiot with amnesia when trying to answer.