Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Snowflakes worked too well

For the third year, I asked friends to cut out snowflakes with or without their kids. Check out last year, where we didn't get much snow until January, and the handmade snowflakes filled the kitchen.

This year… is a much different story.
Shannon and Greg have added snowflake making to their Advent socks. I am honored and I love their creativity. Their snowflakes are the the two in the center and the one to the bottom right. The top right snowflake is one of the window clings from my parents. 

The one on the upper left is very special. Chandra is a counselor for adopted kids and youth. She specializes in adoptions from other countries. One of her clients needs to keep their hands busy and during December they were quite busy cutting snowflakes. Chandra told this client about my snowflakes. The next session, this youth brought in a snowflake. They told Chandra that is was especially for me. I teared up when Chandra gave it to me and told me the story.

Isn't that beautiful? Today I want to recognize how thankful I am for that young person and for all of those who have sent me snowflakes this year and in the past. 

We have enough snow though (this is officially the 2nd snowiest season on record, 1951 holds the record with 132" and I hope we don't get that much more snow, we're at 107.8" currently). I typically wait until spring officially starts before I take down my snowflakes, but this year I may not wait until then. They may come down at the beginning of March.
On March 14, 2013 this photo was taken. I don't think we'll see crocus that early this year.

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