Wednesday, February 12, 2014

now all I need is a warm blanket and a bowl of popcorn

Target has dvd's at the checkouts. Most of the time they are regularly priced. Occasionally the dvd's will be $10 and on the very lucky occasion they are $5.

I have found a few good movies for $5. I always look to see what they have to offer. That's where I bought "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", for $5. That's also how much I paid for "Amelie" after it won the Oscar in 2001. I'm fairly certain that "Strange Brew" is in the same category.

Yesterday, while I was at Target, the end cap caught my eye. The dvd's weren't $5. They were on special for $4.75! Quickly I scanned the selection to see if there were any movies I couldn't live without.

"Pride & Prejudice" was among them.

Valentine's Day is coming. I decided (and rightly so; if I were to ever list our dvd collection you would understand why) to purchase the love story. It's one of my favorite versions of Jane Austin's "classic masterpiece".

Plus at a whopping $4.75 how could I turn it down? Thanks bargain bin!

Now all I need is that bowl of popcorn and a warm blanket.

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