Thursday, February 6, 2014

socks, sidewalks and snow

Did you know it hasn't stopped snowing here? I get that it can be difficult to shovel. If you're out-of-town or elderly, it may not get done to the same degree that an able-bodied person would do.

I walked down to a friend's house this morning. The sidewalks were passable. Until I got to the house that is owned by the bank. Those sidewalks haven't been cleared off for weeks. (Or days, it's snowed so much here.)

I didn't realize that though until I stepped off the hill on the corner down into the two feet of snow. At that point it was too late to turn back. I forged ahead, climbing through the deep snow until the next property where the sidewalk was back to mostly clear.

Fortunately, it was so cold and the snow was so light, that it didn't really stick to me. Once I got to Trina's, I dried off pretty quickly.

I'm thankful for cleared off sidewalks. I'm also thankful for my long underwear and three layers of socks.

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