Thursday, February 13, 2014

not much really

I started shopping at The Body Shop shortly before we moved to GR. So it's been at least eight years. I have maintained my "Love Your Body" card. This is no small feat. One must purchase a certain amount of product, yearly. Then the card is automatically renewed.

The Body Ship has all the products I like. The peppermint foot spray (very important for mission trips and the summer months), the mineral powder make-up foundation, the chocolate body butter… I like shopping there because they use fair-trade products but also because they aren't constantly changing everything in their store like their competition.

I got Bill hooked on their hemp lotions and their men's line of shaving products.

All of these things are available online.

There were two stores in our area, one in each mall.

Note that I said "were".

I was in there a few weeks ago to stock up on the aforementioned chocolate body butter (it's seriously the best lotion in the winter, not to mention the delicious aroma). Now I'm in need of the mineral powder make-up and when I was at the mall on Saturday I noticed something very strange.

The store was completely closed. No signs, no lights, no products.

Maybe they just moved, I thought.

I came home and checked their store locator and sure enough, there are no stores listed within 25 miles. I broadened my search to 200 miles. The closest store is just east of Lansing and the next closest is South Bend.

I am so sad. How can I try new scents? How is this possible? Why was there no warning? I feel bad for the employees. Did they have any warning?

I liked this store because it seemed less corporate America, but now it reeks of that stench. Why do I want to pay for shipping when I could just run down to the mall?

I emailed them to express my disdain. I hope enough of my friends and fellow shoppers do the same to perhaps persuade them bring back at least one store. Grand Rapids is the second largest city in the state.  They had a very nice reply. But that's not enough.

So I'm not really thankful that the store is closed. Nor am I really that thankful that I have to use the internet to continue shopping with them. Nor am I thankful that I ever got hooked on their products. And I'm not thankful that now I'm in need of make-up that I can't just run out and buy.

This is a huge stretch, but I guess I'm thankful that I live in a country that allows stores to be open, or closed, wherever they want.

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