Wednesday, February 5, 2014

doing good

I watch "Ellen" every day. If I'm not home to watch her, I record the show.

Today, she welcomed back a young woman who opened a charter school in the poorest neighborhood in Detroit. The last time this woman was on the show, Ellen (and Shutterfly -who don't know me) gave the school $50,000. Then, because of this story, viewers have sent the school art supplies and more money. It's an amazing story.

Ellen has given so much to deserving people. Individuals, families, schools, rescuers, the list goes on and on.

She ends her show with the phrase, "Be kind to one another". It's contagious. Whether you pay it forward, or share something as small as a smile with a stranger we can make this a better place.

Maybe that's a small part of what I'm trying to do by being thankful every day.

Laugh, have fun, and be thankful.

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