Thursday, February 20, 2014

there are other channels?

For me, no other tv matters right now except the Olympics.

I have had the tv on non-stop since the opening ceremonies.

Not really, but I do have the games on when I'm home.

Today was a big day. First, I caught up on the ladies short program. (I'm trying not to be too descriptive because I did not get express written consent from anyone to write my opinion about this.) Our cable provider teamed up with the national broadcast company and they have all the sports On Demand.

That means, that last night when I mentioned the ladies short program was on and Bill nixed the viewing, I was able to watch it this morning.

I was all prepared to stay up tonight to watch the free-skate program. I was also prepared to leave my Quota meeting early, if necessary, to be home in time to watch it from the start.

Turns out, I didn't have to do either. I watched it live on NBCSports. I already know what happens and I don't have to stay up until 11:30pm.

Then I watched the gold medal women's hockey match.

Overall, I watched a total of five hours of Olympics today. That may be a record for me.

It's funny because I feel like there are no other channels. And then, suddenly after Sunday, everything will go back to normal. We'll catch up on our shows that are on the dvr. I'll finally watch "Pride and Prejudice". Maybe I'll even watch "Les Miserables" again.

But for now, it's all about the peacock and the Olympics.

Thank you Greece, for bringing athletes together to showcase their amazing talent, while I sit, crying on the couch, cheering them on, no matter their country. I learn about new sports and enjoy old favorites (snowboard cross isn't new this year, but I love that, and curling is a big draw for us). It motivates me for the spring and getting back out to run.

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