Sunday, March 17, 2013


... just in time for spring.

I have realized a lot since having my laptop stolen. 

One of those things was that I never posted about the snowflakes I received. I put the call out asking for friends to send them to me. But then never shared the beautiful pieces I have been enjoying this winter.

I received twenty-seven snowflakes. I had to use the kitchen window as well as the doors (I didn't tape them as far down as the floor, so the cats could still see out).

Even my parents got in on it and sent me two window clings.

My friends are amazing and smart. They have taught me that coffee filters make the best paper to use when cutting snowflakes. They have also been wise about researching patterns.

Alisha and two of her three girls (Maddie and Lizzie), created some of the most intricate snowflakes I have ever seen made out of paper.

On this one, the ends are covered in scotch tape, so the photo doesn't really do the snowflake justice.

You can tell it's almost spring, because Bill is itching to take these down. Thank you to all who sent me these individual pieces of art! They made my winter brighter and I thought of the creators often as I admired the snowflakes.

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