Sunday, March 3, 2013

2013 Spring Break mission trip to DC

It's that time of year again.

I don't shower, sleep or have any sort of regularity for the next few days.

This year we are in Washington DC, the nation's capitol.

We arrived yesterday after a twelve hour drive through snow.

We ate at Union Station and took a Twilight Trolley Tour.

Sami has pictures, I'll post them next week (I can't promise anything, look at my track record).

Today, we went to Foundry United Methodist church for an early service. Then we went to Busboys and Poets for brunch (Brenna's sister Megan and Taryn from Toms River joined us). After we ate, we walked around the Smithsonian. We saw Michaelangelo's David-Apollo. We went to the American History museum and then the Natural History museum. We saw rocks, bones and the Hope Diamond.

We came back to the site and started our time with CSM (Center for Student Missions in case you forgot). We ate dinner at Old City Cafe. It was Mediterranean and delicious.

This year's group is comprised of:
Sami and me (co-leaders)
Brenna, Cait, Clarence, Jen, Mike, Nick, Precious, Sarah, Shawn

I can't remember what we're doing tomorrow, so hopefully I'll have time to write about it!

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