Wednesday, April 30, 2014

flying a kite

My Confirmation students have their last retreat this weekend. They will be working on their stoles.

Stoles that need to be measured and cut.

Guess what I did today?

While I measured and cut the material, I watched "Mary Poppins". I haven't watched it for a long time and I've been wanting to after seeing, "Saving Mr. Banks".

It was definitely a good choice to have on in the background. I know the story so I didn't have to pay close attention, and I know the words so I could sing along.

I may have even danced around the house at the end when the family comes back together and goes to the park to fly a kite.

Danced, pranced, sang at the top of my lungs… you know, typical behavior that occurs when one really gets into the song/movie.

I'm thankful for the musicians and writers that gave new life to the story (reading the books are on my list of things to do this summer).

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