Sunday, April 6, 2014

Lost and Found

I don't remember if I told the story a few weeks ago how my earring broke. I had worn a new pair of earrings to church. I bought them in Chicago and they were handmade. They matched a necklace that was given to me from Pat. She brought it back from China. The necklace matched a bracelet I was given from Jen in college. Both are made of black pearls/beads of some kind.

I had gone into the building that Sunday morning and had delivered the attendance sheets. Then I went into the bathroom which is when I discovered I had the hook of my earring still in my ear, but the beads were gone! I retraced my steps through the building, but couldn't find them. I sent Bill a text, he had stayed home because Heather W. was visiting, and they both searched the house and the driveway.

When I left church to come home, I searched my car. Sure enough, there it was. The tiny loop had opened enough for the beaded part to get hooked on my scarf and fall out.

Guess what happened today? I realized I was missing my honeybee earrings. These were given to me from Jenny.

I had just worn them this week. I remember taking them off. I also remember putting them in a place that I noted was not where they belonged. Typically I keep my earrings in a jewelry box. Cats can't get to them, and they are easy to find.

I started searching when I realized I didn't know where the bee earrings were. I looked through the jewelry box and on the dresser where the jewelry box sits.

I looked through the bags I had taken on my short trip to visit Bill.

I looked through my purse.

I looked through my workbag.

I looked through the bag I had taken on the retreat, even though I know I saw them more recently than that.

I had to leave to go to youth group. Which was fun. Even though it's spring break, there were five youth. We walked downtown and got Jimmy Johns. We ate in the new Monument Park. Then we went and got ice cream at Jersey Junction.

It was a good night. Except for the missing earrings.

When I came home, I had sent Bill a text asking him to check the house in St. Joe. They weren't there.

He asked if I had prayed to St. Anthony (the saint that helps you find things when they're lost). I actually had, three times while I had been looking earlier.

Bill told me I needed to pray again and tell St. Anthony that Bill sent me.

I tried it again.

I kid you not, the next thought I had was that I put them in the Advil sinus box. I went and checked the box, and sure enough! Not only were my earrings in there, but so was the necklace I had been wearing that day.

Thank you St. Anthony.

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