Saturday, April 26, 2014

soundtrack of our lives

It now involves a ukulele.

That was the birthday present I gave to Bill. Well, since we were in Las Vegas (technically Henderson) visiting his parents, I couldn't exactly pack a ukulele. Plus I wanted him to be able to pick out the one he wanted.

I gave him a hand-painted watercolor of a ukulele. It was extra special because I was the painter.

Somewhere there's a picture of it.

In the meantime, Bill started looking online at actual ukulele's. Our friend Sami suggested we go to Guitar Center so Bill could hold one and try playing a couple of them.

Good suggestion! I had no idea there was more than one type of ukulele. Of course there's soprano, concert, tenor and baritone. Bill thought he wanted a tenor. Turns out, he liked the concert best.

He's learning chords and technique from the internet.

This morning, we were out cleaning up the yard. We rented a power rake. Then Bill edged the sidewalk. He had his earbuds in the entire time. At one point he was singing along. Our neighbor was also out working in her yard. When Bill started to sing, she asked what he was listening to. I replied, "the soundtrack to his life".

As I type this, I have the sweet sounds of a ukulele playing in the background. It's the soundtrack of our lives. And I like it.

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