Monday, April 7, 2014

Time travel

I'm time traveling back to yesterday, or today depending on how you look at time-space continuum.

I made this apple pie for the dessert I took with me to deliver dinner to friends who just had a baby.

I like long, run-on sentences. I can't help myself.

I like apple pies too.

This one turned into upside-down apple pie though. It was heavier than the salad, and when I turned a corner, over it turned.

I quickly pulled over and righted it. It seemed to be mostly intact. A bit of the juicy filling managed to leak out of the foil that was covering it and covered the inside of the grocery bag. The friend sent me a text later saying that it tasted good, so no damage was done. Thankfully the aluminum foil did its job. Next time, the pie goes in its own bag.

Don't worry, the salad wasn't harmed either. It was in a plastic container. Plus a little apple pie filling could have made for an interesting salad dressing.

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