Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Best day ever

At least according to my Nike Fuel Band.

If you move (your arm) for five minutes every hour, you win the hour. You hit a perfect day when you reach sixteen hours.

It's not as easy as you think. You have to have a swinging motion like when you walk. Sometimes I have to stand around swinging my arm. Some people say that's cheating. I say it isn't because I think of all the times I walk around with my hands full and my arm can't swing. I'm making up for those times.

Pushing the grocery cart? My arm doesn't swing. And if it did, I'm pretty sure someone would call the men in white coats. Have you ever tried pushing a grocery cart while swinging one arm? You look like you're having a seizure. Trust me, I tried swinging my arm once.

Carrying my work bag, purse and lunch bag to the car, into the office, back to the car, and into the house? My arm isn't swinging, it's loaded with bags.

Raking leaves? Not as much as you think. Again, you have to have a large swinging motion.

Shoveling snow? Same as raking. Only when I was shoveling snow up over high piles, did I get enough swing action to make it count on my Fuel Band.

Doing dishes? Absolutely not. Not unless I try ballet or yoga moves and that results in a broken dish, or two. (I did break a glass tonight, but not because I was trying to move my arm. It was slippery from the soap and I dropped it.)

Needless to say, reaching sixteen hours in one day requires focus. You have to actually remember to get up and move once an hour.

I've now accomplished this twice. I've won eight hours in a day, twenty eight times. That is much easier to do.

I've also earned 7200 fuel points today, and counting. I'm hoping to hit 7500 by the time I go to bed in a few minutes. The highest fuel points I've ever had before today was 6800.

I've reached my best month ever and I'm only a few thousand points away from 500,000!

This is really exciting for me. It's been a good, active day.

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