Thursday, April 3, 2014

Right, left, right, left

I know that not everyone feels the same way about running/walking as I do. I think it took me time to build up the endurance and the endorphins, or whatever it is, and that patience was the key. Now that I have worked up to a 5k, I can't stop. I also can't stop because, as I learned this winter, exercise will be the only way for me to maintain my weight. I like to eat too much.

As I was out on my walk (still working back up to running) this morning in the 34 degrees, with a light rain, spotting turkeys who weren't happy to see me, I felt at peace. My route is a routine. Ha, go figure. And if you know me at all, you know that I function best on a routine.
I stopped to take a picture of the wild turkeys. This one appeared to be trying to scare me. Since they are easily three feet tall, and I was very much outnumbered, I didn't linger. 

The entire time I was out, even though it was chilly and damp, it felt good.

You know, it's like that favorite sweatshirt. You take it out of the closet in the autumn and it smells clean. You pull it over your head and it warms you right up. It's familiar. It's comfortable. 

That's how I feel on my walks. I know the neighborhood. I watch the seasons change. It's comfortable, even when it's not. My hip and my foot hurt this morning. But I kept on going. I knew how much further I had to go, and it wasn't far. 

That's why I'm not interested in gyms or tracks. The monotony of both of those things doesn't motivate me. Going outside in 30 degree weather to walk through our neighborhood does. Maybe I'm strange. Maybe I'm normal. At any rate, I'm so thankful to be back out in the 'hood. Angry turkeys, hip pains, cold weather and all.

I will say, I am looking forward to warmer weather when I don't have to wear four layers.

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