Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Needtobreathe's new album came out on Tuesday. Bill preordered the vinyl package back at Valentine's. He printed off the order and gave that to me then. On Monday, the order arrived. I got the vinyl record (yup, they still make records), a t-shirt, and a poster. Inside the record album was a card with a code for the digital download. Needless to say, I was excited.

The new album is called, "Rivers In the Wasteland". I didn't get it on my phone in time to listen to it on the flight. I have since rectified that situation. I have listened to it a total of two times (all the way through). So far, I like it.

I have blogged about Needtobreathe enough times that at one point, if you googled them, my blog showed up on page six.

Yes, I realize how much one would need to do to figure that statistic out, but it was true at one point.

At any rate, they are by far my most favorite band. If you haven't read my other blog posts, you may go look for them. 

Tuesday, I was thankful for their new album.

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