Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Cake delivery

In yesterday's post I talked about two chocolate cakes. There was one piece left of the Guinness cake and before I left work, I sent Bill a message that I would save it for him because it was really good. I also thought he would like it.

He wrote back and said, why don't you bring it to me?

Now, he was in St. Joseph which is an hour and half drive from Grand Rapids.

I told him not to tempt me. Since I had worked yesterday, the only plans I had for today were to go to the grocery store.

In other words, there was no reason I couldn't drive to St. Joe just to deliver a cake.

Then Bill told me he was making jumbalaya for dinner and planned on watching the Tigers opening game (on delay).

Give me half an hour, I told him.

I packed and drove to St. Joe. I hand-delivered his piece of cake.

It was nice to spend an evening with Bill. We took a walk along the path, which winds around by the lake. There are huge mounds of ice, covered with sand, along the shore. They are easily ten feet high. Neither one of us had our phones, so we couldn't take pictures.

It's too bad my sinuses have kicked in. Why do we have sinuses?

Despite my stuffy, runny, drippy nose, I am thankful for the bonus time I got to spend with Bill.

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