Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Glass slippers and happily ever afters

I don't remember when the first time I saw Disney's "Cinderella". I must have been young. As a teen, I owned it on VHS and watched it a handful of times.

I'm not going to get into Disney's version of fairy tales and other stories. You may believe what you want to and choose whether or not you want to expose yourself or your children to these stories. I do believe that "Saving Mr. Banks" gives an explanation behind Walt's mindset.

I happen to enjoy a good cartoon.

Cinderella was on the Disney channel tonight, and I just happened to catch most of it.

I won't point out the ridiculous nature of a glass shoe, animals that help do chores, and other oddities that go along with a cartoon.

It's Cinderella. And they lived happily ever after. Which has brought more fun stories into our homes and televisions.

I'm thankful for those fun stories that stretch our imaginations.

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