Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring, Sinuses, and Slices

There are daffodils with buds on them. The snow is almost all gone. There are barrels out for road construction. They are replacing pipes (or some kind of duct work) all along our street which means the ground has thawed.

It's mid-April and spring is here.

Which also means my sinuses are full. I went to the doctor on Monday. I don't feel sick, but the constant draining led me to my decision to go in and see the doc. Our regular doctor wasn't there so I saw one of the other physicians. I liked him! He listened to me, he explained how sinuses work in laymen's terms without making me feel like an idiot, and he gave me a choice. He said that [the medical field] likes to let sinuses run their course which can take up to three weeks. Mine have only been irritating me for one week. He sent me home with a prescription for the antibiotic if my sinuses don't improve. I can chose whether or not to fill it. We also talked about a nasal spray and how that might help too. He called that one in because I have never tried it. We shall see if it helps or if I have to resort to the antibiotic.

This last one is not the best story of the day. There's no way I can tell it without you seeing where I'm going with it. I'll just get right to it. One should not sharpen a knife without paying attention to the knife. It's my best advice regarding how to handle kitchen utensils.

With that being said, I have all my fingers and tips. After the initial shock wore off, I managed to get my hands washed, grab a paper towel and press the cut. Then I ran upstairs and got it covered with a bandage. I didn't pass out. I didn't cry. I said several prayers to God as I was running up the stairs. But I'm okay. I don't need stitches. I don't need an ambulance. I thought of several friends I could call if I needed them. But I didn't have to call anyone.

Someone should check on me later. Just in case.

I'm just kidding, I'm fine.

After I triaged myself, I managed to start cooking my dinner; sweet potato hash. I started with a recipe and quickly deviated. It started with one sweet potato, several red potatoes, and an onion in a skillet. That was all in the recipe. Then it called for a turkey leg. I didn't happen to have one of those lying around, but I had a leftover pork loin and a smoked sausage in the fridge. Why not, I figured. It called for a red pepper, which I had half of a roasted one. At the end I threw in some spinach and, while it cooked down, I fried two eggs.

Here's the before, covered with fried eggs,
 and here's where I stopped to take a picture so you could see everything underneath the eggs.
It was hash. It full of everything and it was good. 

I'm thankful that my cut wasn't any worse and that I didn't pass out. And that I was still able to make dinner which was a good way to end the day.

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