Monday, March 31, 2014

the tale of two cakes

This is why I'm not on Pintrest. I find enough recipes from other people's posts. Then I google them and, if it sounds good enough, I make it.

Recently, a friend mentioned that she made a chocolate cake, but it was gluten free. It used quinoa. You'll remember my quinoa experience. Since I had quinoa left over, I decided I should try this cake. I googled it and found it. Don't be fooled by the recipe (linked below). This makes a LOT of frosting. And the quinoa I used required 3/4 cup uncooked to equal two cups, cooked.

On St. Patrick's Day, someone posted a Guinness chocolate cake. I googled that and the picture looked beautiful. I knew I had to make that one too. But when and for what occasion would I make either cake?

We had dinner with friends Saturday evening. I took the quinoa chocolate cake. It was a hit.

Today we had a staff lunch at work, so naturally I took the Guinness cake. It was also a hit.

If you like chocolate cake, both of these are superb in completely different ways. The quinoa cake is light and fluffy and the frosting is also light. The Guinness cake is super dense and super moist. It has a cream cheese frosting which is very rich. But it compliments the almost molasses flavor the beer gives the cake.

Here's one of the cake recipes.

Here's the other one.

I think you should decide for yourself.

Oh, and for Bill's birthday? I'll be making this cake.

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