Monday, March 17, 2014

Hollywood cliché

I'm not sure if the corned beef agreed with me. I was a little sick yesterday. I ended up coming home from youth group and crawling into bed where I slept until 6am.

Today, I'm back in St. Joseph helping Bill by answering the phone at the office.

It may be cliché, but I totally realize why movies show the receptionist filing her nails.

Because that's what you have time to do between answering the phone.

I was sitting here, between phone calls, and realized one of my nails was torn. I pulled out my nail file and as I was fixing it, that's when the cliché dawned on me.

I laughed out loud.

All I need now is one of those headsets so that I don't even have to lift the receiver.

"Good morning, this is Emily, how may I help you?"

On the thankful note, I left the house this morning in time to see the full moon set and the sun rise. Both were beautiful.

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