Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spencer's 2nd birthday party

I forgot my camera, but I had my phone. (Here's a great tip: never leave your phone unattended while you use the restroom when your teenage niece is still sitting at the table. 176 photos later… I found this out.)

Here's the birthday boy!
 He kept walking over to the bowling balls and would say, "Bowl". Or maybe it was, "Ball".
Either way it was cute.
 He likes hats, so we got a new one for him. He immediately took it and put it on. 


That's how the kids wear them these days. (That's how they wore them back in the day too. I'll be sure to tell him that when he's older.)
I'm thankful for both my nephew and my niece, who are at this very moment on their way to Florida for spring break.

I asked my sister to bring back warmer weather and sun. She said she'd try. I told her at least send me some pictures.

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