Thursday, March 13, 2014


I am really into dresses. While I have only started wearing more of them recently, I remember the first time I was really drawn to a dress. It was Cousin Mark's wedding back in 1994. His mom wore a beautiful pale green gown. For whatever reason, that gown is my Cinderella dress.

I haven't owned a dress like it yet. My wedding dress was close, but it no longer fits (yay)!

I have had the occasion to purchase a gown for a black tie event. I bought a black gown. Unfortunately it came from China and, in typical Emily fashion, I didn't pay close attention to details. The dress fit, with the exception of length. It was about a foot too long. Apparently to the Chinese we are all towering giants. I had the dress altered but haven't had the occasion to wear it again.

Tonight, Bill and I are going to an event. The dress is business casual, but I will still wear a dress.

I have several to choose from. However, I just found this website (thanks to my favorite blogger the Pioneer Woman). I'm in trouble. They have adorable dresses! And the prices are decent. Yikes.
This dress came from Jenny. 
I wore it to our High Tea at a Quota event last summer.

Thanks PW for the new website. I'll be dreaming and shopping for sure. 

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