Saturday, March 29, 2014

at the lakeshore

I was at a retreat last night at Camp Geneva. It was for the women of our church. The theme was being Mary in a Martha world.

It was a wonderful getaway. Rest, and relaxation at the lakeshore. It was just what I needed.
Today we had free time. I took a nap. Then I took a walk on the beach. Here's what it looked like. It reminded me of another planet. Or Iceland.

Or is it Greenland that is actually covered in ice?

Whichever it was, it looked surreal. It was pretty cool.
In this picture at the very edge of the horizon, where you see the dark blue, that's the open water past the ice. 
Here are the ice chunks and snow mounds.

It's also strange to me (although as a Michigan resident I should just get used to this fact) to walk on the beach in a winter coat, gloves, and closed toed shoes.

I feel as though when I walk on sand I should be wearing flip flops. 

That reminds me of the year that we lived in Savannah. For my birthday (Dec. 13th) we went to Tybee Island. Where we walked on the beach barefoot because it was warm. Warm like seventy degrees. I'm pretty sure I was wearing capri pants and a t-shirt. No jacket needed then. 

Whether it's warm or not, the shore is still a reflective place. It restores my soul. And for that I am thankful.

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