Monday, March 24, 2014

back in the groove

I have been anxious to get back outside to walk and then run (okay, jog) after this winter. My goal every year is to walk/jog until the end of November. Then, after the spring break trip the first of March, to get back out.

This has been a very busy month and it's still been snowing. Two weeks ago I was in St. Joseph answering the phones at Bill's office while his office manager was on vacation (no, it wasn't anywhere tropical, although technically it was warmer than Michigan, he went to Alaska). Then last week on Monday and Tuesday, I was back at the office to answer phones again. I spent Wednesday at my job.

I could keep going, but the result is the same. It's the 24th of March and today was the first day since November (I think) that I have been out to walk.

I walked 2.4 miles and it felt wonderful.

I'll tell you how I really feel tomorrow.

Although after the bouncing yesterday on the trampolines I didn't feel too bad this morning.

I'm going to work back up to 3.1 miles. I was starting to cramp a little toward the end of my walk, so instead of trying to push myself after three and a half months, I decided that a 2.4 mile walk was pretty darn good.

I'm so glad (thankful) to be back to my exercise routine.

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