Friday, March 28, 2014

Almost Famous or, Things You Didn't Know About Me

Do you know that I am almost famous?

If only there had been a photographer there.

I was the first person to check out a book in my college's new library. That's what the librarian told me. But there was no one there to record it. Maybe, somewhere in a very dated computer system, this is logged.

I also helped measure and draw up the plans for the old library (known as Poetter Hall, and before that Preston Hall). Those drawings are supposedly in the Library of Congress. (I linked it for you so you don't think I'm just making this up.) It was for a class on HABS and HAER drawings. Those stand for Historic American Building Survey and Historic American Engineer Record. We recorded the building, as it stood in 1998, and drew it according to our measurements.

I shook Kevin Spacey's hand. It was the premiere of "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" at the Civic Center in Savannah. My roommate sat out on the bleachers lining the red carpet until I got home from class. I joined her, and we waited until the stars came by. Kevin Spacey was one of them and I stuck out my hand. He shook it!

I am a [volunteer] City Commissioner serving on the Historic Preservation Committee, or HPC.

I've been on the Today Show. It was Mother's Day, 2009 and it was our "Spring Break" trip to NYC. We went later that year so students who finished classes in May could join us. It didn't matter with regards to the weather. There were temperatures in the 30's. It was still freezing. We made signs and held them up and I was right behind the weekend anchors as they stood outside. "Hi Mom!"

I'm sure there are more "almost famous" moments. But I can't think of any more right now. That's okay, I'm sure you're overwhelmed at my fame… I'll give you a moment.

I'm thankful for these fun and random opportunities.

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