Wednesday, March 12, 2014

It's pronounced "Keen-wa"

I'm going to pre-blog about our dinner. If it turns out, I will try to remember to write more about it after dinner. But I'm going through a sinus bout and don't have all my faculties about me. Instead I have boxes of tissue, bottles of lotion, sinus pills and wadded up balls of tissue. In other words, I may be passed out, snoring loudly on the couch after dinner.

Or a ball of energy. In which case I'll be out shoveling snow.

Maybe not. I'm really over the stuff for this season.


I'm making a sausage, pepper quinoa dish. It all goes in the crock-pot for two hours (on high). It's going to have some sweet (honey), some tanginess (red and orange peppers), and spice (homemade sausage from our local grocery store). I think it will be quite the filling dish with the quinoa.

Wish me luck. I've never cooked anything with quinoa before. Couscous? Yes. Long grain (not instant) rice? Yes. Risotto (Arborio Rice)? Yes. Pasta? Are you kidding me? Of course. Quinoa is a first. I'm confident I can master it.

At least I know where the closest fast food restaurant is.

I'm thankful for creative cooks and all the recipes they have shared.

Editor's note: the dish was delicious. Bill and I each had a serving topped with cheddar cheese and then a serving topped with monterey jack cheese. Each was different and delicious in its own way. I recommend it if you want a quick, weeknight dinner. Just know that quinoa is super, teeny, tiny. When the directions tell you to rinse it, make sure you have a fine mesh strainer. Here's the link to the recipe.

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